Paithani Shawl

While metallic thread brocading is made in many weaving centers in India and Zaree work, or metal thread embroidery, is also quite popular, the urban centers of Paithan and Burhampur in the state of Maharashtra came up with metal thread technique which is neither. It is a labour intensive,interpenetrating dovetail tapestry and as in other tapestry techniques it results in  blocks of polychrome silk and metallic threads. These blocks are separated by edges of contrasting colors to give the material a look similar to enamel. The resulting double sided textiles, sarees or sashes, are fragile in nature yet exquisite.

Production started in the 18th century and stopped by mid 19th century. However in the 1980’s the tradition has been revived and became popular.This sash features the tapestry technique along its edges in a floral design, while the field is ¬†woven in plain weave with metallic thread

Circa: Mid. 19th Century

Origin: Maharashtra, India

Material: Silk with metallic thread

Condition: Few areas with repairs, fair but stable condition

Dimensions: 57" L X 17" W

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