Paithani Sari Border

Paithani saris are tapestry-woven out of silk and gold. Weavers use this labor intensive technique to create exquisite enamel-like designs in silk thread on the gold ground of the fabric. Parrots and encircled peacocks are frequent motifs on Paithani sari borders, and can be seen in combination on this example.

Peacocks can be associated with the goddess Sarswati and therefore with wisdom, benevolence, and patience. As the bird of paradise, the peacock is also linked to beauty, royalty, and wisdom. The parrot is often associated with love and passion. The combination of the two birds together may by interpreted as symbolic of a loving couple.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: India

Material: silk and metallic thread

Condition: very good

Dimensions: 174" x 5"

Inventory number: TX4515



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