Naga Disc Brass Belt

Naga culture used metal objects but did not develop an indigenous technology of metallurgy in the mining and extracting of metals from ores. Raw materials came to them from outside Nagaland territory. Brass was preferred by Nagas for their metal ornaments. The Konyak are proficient in sheet metal fabrication. The most characteristic product is the round-bell metal disc (ai) with a small, raised central boss pierced by a small hole for mounting, placed at the front of the ceremonial apron used by Chang, Sema, and Konyak Naga warriors. Brass plaques were also used in the decoration of a man’s girdle worn by some Konyak Nagas.

This highly patinated girdle, or belt, made of brass with incised decorative spheres and designs with a bone and bead closure.

Circa: Late 19th early 20th century

Origin: India

Material: Brass

Condition: Good Antique Condition

Dimensions: 31"

Inventory number: JL3630



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