Naga Bear Claw Necklace

The Naga people is a group of various tribes that reside in Nagaland, other parts of Northeastern India, and Myanmar. Jewelry and ornaments are very important to them, and many are thought to have symbolic meanings and magical forces. While they typically use the hair of humans’ heads they’ve hunted, they also use parts of animals.

The black Himalayan bear defends itself fiercely when it’s being hunted so its claws, used in this necklace, have symbolic value. The claws are powerful amulets and the strength of this bear will be given to the person wearing this piece.

This necklace is made of glass beads and bear claws. It has been restrung so it is in great condition and very sturdy.

Circa: Late 20th c

Origin: India

Material: Claws and glass beads

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 15" Drop

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