Mud Silk Jacket

Mud silk, or Jiāo-chou , originated in southwest China, and is known by its coloration of high gloss black on one side and a reddish-brown on the other side. Its name translates to “perfumed cloud clothing” and “clothing that make a a noise when the body moves,” referencing the comfort yet noisiness of this fabric.

Production is seasonal and utilizes dyes made of  yam root and iron-rich mud. The fabric is dyed multiple times,  sometimes more than thirty, to achieve the rich reddish-brown color.  Then, one side is coated with local black mud and laid out in the sun to dry for 5-7 days. Next, the fabric would go through a process called calendaring where it get pressed by flat rocks with workers grinding the stones to flatten the surface thus achieving a shine.




Circa: first quarter 20th century

Origin: China

Material: Silk

Condition: Very Good, one small repair on the pocket and some light staining

Dimensions: 64" sleeve to sleeve, 32" top to bottom

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