Fante Asafo (Societal Flag)

The Asafo people of coastal Ghana have quasi military societies called Fante which are politically, socially and religiously active. They have flags which are decorated with appliqued figurative images, identical on both sides. These flags are commissioned by anyone who wants to join the society. They combine Akan proverbs with visual imagery  and presented in European heraldic tradition. The eagle, most often feeding and protecting its chicks, represents the No. 2 company, and they associate with this animal because of its fierceness, knowledge, and wisdom.

The British Union Jack identifies either a fante flag made pre-independence while the ones with Ghanaian flags are post independence which occurred in 1956.


Circa: First half 20th c

Origin: Ghana

Material: Silk and Cotton

Condition: Good stabilized condition. The stain around the beak is probably intentional. Mounted.

Dimensions: 68" x 42"

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