Military Rank Badge

This rank badge (hyungbae in Korean) is a small yet beautifully executed panel of embroidery that would have served to indicate the status of a government official in the Chososn Dynasty Korea(1392-1910). Made in the 19th century, it shows a pair of black and white leopards, one above the other in opposing stance, surrounded by stylized cloud pattern. It would have been worn by a military official from the first to third ranks. Leopards and tigers, respected fro their strength and courage in Korea, were used for the dress of military officials while civil officials wore crane motifs. This badge shows the distinctively spotted animals among rocks, waves and clouds in a pattern which remained virtually unchanged for 300 years.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Korea

Material: Silk embroidery on figured silk

Condition: Mounted and framed. Excellent

Dimensions: 7" x 6.5"

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