Metallic Thread Embroidery on Satin

Rectangle of red satin decorated with couched metallic threads. Traditionally used as wall hanging or cover. Later vintage of this type of textile would have the Kajar lion at its center, while in earlier examples the center would be either a sun or a flower. What distinguishes this example is the profusion of birds, most of them parrots and the use of multiple couching techniques and different color couching threads to produce a surface of different textures. The durability was enhanced by having the work stitched into two materials, the bottom being coarse tabby linen. With the satin now shattered all over now, the blue linen peeks through. Still a rare and fine textile.

Circa: 18th century

Origin: Iran

Material: silk satin with couched metallic thread embroidery

Condition: satin shattered all over, some tarnishing, fair

Dimensions: 15" x 20"

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