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Meknes Embroidered Shawl

Just like other Moroccan urban centers, Meknes embroidery is unique and easily identifiable. The design usually features diagonal lines running superimposed on a grid of small squares with a densely embroidered center and edges. The geometric motifs- tiny, brilliant, spotted patches – merge in overall compositions, not unlike illuminated manuscripts or mosaics. The reversible handwork is done with thick uncoiled silk in double running, stepped and zigzag stitches similar to Fez and Sale embroidery. The embroiderers improvised reversible designs as they went along, on white solid, polka-dotted muslin or cotton ground fabrics.

This textile has warm blended hues, with dark red,  orange, yellow, brown, and green areas. The motif is mostly geometric with tiny, brilliant spotted areas that merge to create an overall constellation like pattern bordered by stained glasslike geometric bands of embroidery.

Circa: Late 19th-Early 20th Century

Origin: Morocco

Material: Silk on Cotton

Condition: minor stains, very good condition

Dimensions: 81" X 28"

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