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Mahdi Army Tunic (Jibbeh)

From 1881-1898 the Islamic Mahdist army fought to gain independence for Sudan from British and Egyptian forces. Its uniform was a tunic made of plain cotton. The patches evolved out of necessity when the cotton got worn but eventually became stylistically defined. The patches were made of silk but as the Mahdist took control of Khartoum (1884) with its British army warehouses colorful English wool substituted the delicate silk.

This uniform is post 1884 as wool was used for the patches. It is also distinguished by the  beautiful embroidered edges around the patches.


Circa: 1884-1898

Origin: Sudan

Material: Cotton and Wool

Condition: Minor stains and small moth holes. Very good condition.

Dimensions: 50" sleeve to sleeve, 47" tall

Inventory number: WR3988



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