Kutch Dress

Womens dress, or aba, Kutch, Gujarat, mid-19th century. Indigo-blue silk satin with silk thread and mirrors, chain-stitch, buttonhole stitch and interlacing stitch. Gujarat is famous all over the world for its embroideries and mirrorwork. There are about 16 different types of embroideries done in the Kutch region, but the most well known one, is the Rabari embroidery called Abhala, which is characterized by chain stitches and a generous use of mirrors. The women depict the world around them, without the help of sketches or patterns. The only material used is a simple needle and thread, which they purchase from Bhuj, the nearby town. The embroidery on this piece is very intricate with floral borders and a central medallion at the back.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: India

Material: silk

Condition: minor repair to one armpit, very good

Dimensions: Length 43 inches x Width 39 inches

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