Katazome Boro

Boro, translated to “tattered clothing” or “rags” is a Japanese textile made from patches of recycled fabrics. The Japanese folk art movement highly valued pieces like this because they embodied yō no bi which means “beauty in practicality.” These patchwork textiles were made into futonji (futon covers), noragi (workwear), and other household pieces.

A base of katazome cotton and indigo patches make up this Boro Futonji. Katazome is a batik-like method of painting using a paste, then dying the piece, revealing the design once the paste is washed away. They are secured with cotton stitching for durability.

Circa: Early 20th Century

Origin: Japan

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very good condition

Dimensions: 54" x 36"

Inventory number: TX5198



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