Kalamkari Quilted Panel

Kalamkari textiles were mostly created in India. Kalamkari was a craft primarily done by the women and other craftsmen of the village.The imagery in this particular quilt reflects the love of floral patterns and ancient Persian motifs. Kalamkari textiles helped to revitalize mythical themes and ancient Hindu mythologies. This quilted panel is bordered with densely printed herbaceous patterns and is grounded by a botanic design at its center, surrounded by stylized tree of life designs. The unique colors in Kalamkari textiles are derived from natural sources, madder root, bark, flowers and pomegranate to name a few.
This particular Kalamkari utilizes hand carved block printing on bleached cloth. The art form is very eco friendly due to its use of all natural processes and no chemical applications.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Iran

Material: cotton

Condition: Fair,minor stains, some holes that are stabilized by the quilting.

Dimensions: 68" X 42"

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