Kalaga Wall Hanging

Kalaga Wall Hanging

This Kalaga wall hanging was made in Mandalay, Burma in the 20th century. It was constructed of heavy cotton which was appliqued, quilted, sequined, jeweled and couched with metallic thread. Facial details were painted in. It illustrates a religious procession, surrounded by a wide border containing dancers and musicians.

Kalagas are applique cloths, usually heavily adorned with glass beads, sequins, and other embellishments. They were first made by court artists in Mandalay starting in the 19th century.

They are mostly made in Burma. Kalagas are usually figurative and often depict a narrative. Artists originally focused on illustrating religious narratives and characters, but starting in the 20th century artists began making kalagas with secular content.

Circa: 20th century

Origin: Mandalay, Burma

Material: Cotton, sequins and glass

Condition: Very good

Dimensions: 53" x 82"

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