Jamdani Saree

Jamdani are very fine textured cotton muslins in which floral, animal or bird figures are woven on the loom. The warp is unbleached grey yarn, the motifs woven in bleached white yarn. This use of course and fine yarns led to the motif or ornamentation appearing distinct against the fine background material.

The twill-tapestry type weaving is very akin to embroidery, a bamboo spindle taking the place of the needle. The weaver works directly on the loom. The cognition of the designs is in his head. The extraordinary comprehension and knowledge of color and craftsmanship is manifested in this saree woven in two or more tones of white yarn which varies in thickness thus creating effects of light and shade, transparency and opaqueness. With indigo borders and boteh corners to the end pieces

Circa: Late 19th c.

Origin: Bengal, India

Material: Cotton Muslin

Condition: Minor discoloration, very good condition

Dimensions: 164" L X 40.5" W

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