Jajim with animal embroidery

Afghan stripey flatweaves are called ghudjeris but usually get lumped together with their stripey Persian relatives and all called Jajims. Woven on narrow simple looms, basically two beams pegged to the ground, they can have only limited number of warp threads to carry the warp face design. To surmount the limitation, large panels are made of long bands joined together lengthwise at the selvedges.The bands of this flatweave are one foot wide and the design is of wider stripes of sienna brown, indigo blue and darker brown, all separated by sienna brown stripes with geometrical design executed by a floating supplementary warp. Further embellished with embroidered little animal motifs.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: Afghanistan

Material: Wool

Condition: Small light stain, otherwise fine

Dimensions: 82" x 74"

Inventory number: RG360



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