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An Aba, or a Muslim men’s robe, was the traditional wear across the Middle East and North Africa. Nowadays it has been replaced by the Bisht. It is comprised of two lengths of fabric sewn together in a square form with a wide front opening and slits for hands. Abas were produced across the region but the Syrian weavers, especially those of Aleppo produced the unsurpassed best quality. Made of silk and metallic thread in a slit tapestry technique those creations were called Zok after a famous weaver. Their golden age was the end of the 19th century through the 1930’s when they were exported across the region.

This Aba is made of heavy aubergine silk and gold metallic weave and as befits a dignitary has the extra features of a raised collar, tasseled closure, beautifully precise lining along all openings and multiple chorded piping. The design features the typical columns on the upper panel while the bottom panel has an unusual field of serrated lozenges.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Syria

Material: Silk and metallic thread

Condition: Minor light stains, very good

Dimensions: 50” x 54”

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