Henna Tie-dyed Head Scarf

The Berbers of Morocco popularized the use of henna in dyeing some of their textiles. Henna , not indigenous to the region , was imported and believed to possess special blessing power.The days of henna paintings are over, since the practice apparently ended around the middle of the 20th C. Nowadays however, there is some production of fakes.A scarf of plain woven wool, resist-dyed and painted.Darker areas achieved by repeat dyeing. With fringe and sewn silk ribbon at top to provide extra support but also to vividly accent the earth toned palette.

Circa: Early 20th C.

Origin: Ida Ou Nadif , Berbers of Central Anti Atlas, Morocco

Material: Wool, silk tassels

Condition: Very good

Dimensions: 60" x 56"

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