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Greek Dress

The Greek dress or ‘pokamiso’ is an essential part of female costumes. They cover the entire body and usually reach as low as the ankles with embroidery running along the hem and sleeves. The embroidery can either be done on the ground or it can be appliqued and it varies in quality and design according to the region, class, and age of the wearer.

This dress has an unbleached cotton base with black counted stitch embroidery along the hem and sleeves running to the shoulders. Along the entire hem there are black silk tassels. Extending from each embroidered sleeve are cotton sleeve add-ons that have geometric embroidery in green and dark blue cross stitch.

This dress comes from Edipsos, which was worn with little variation throughout Xirohori, the region now known as Istiea. The large area without embroidery indicates that more layers were worn over it.   This was also worn by an older woman as the embroidery is in black.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: Greece

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 46" x 45.5, 31"bottom width

Inventory number: WR3861


This Greek Dress most likely comes from Edipsos and has black silk embroidery on an unbleached cotton base. It is a fine example of the Greek chemise.


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