Geringsing Ceremonial Cloth

This geringsing ceremonial cloth was made in Bali in the 20th century by a Tenganan weaver. Geringsing cloth is made through a difficult double-ikat process, a technique only practiced in three places in the world: Indonesia, India, and Japan. To produce a double ikat both the warp and weft threads of a textile are tied and dyed in the desired pattern before the maker begins weaving. This is one of about 20 different styles of geringsing ritual cloth. The common characteristics of all geringsings are: hand spun cotton, loose plain weave and a muted palette of brownish red, black and off-white. Though geringsing are only made in one town, Tenganan Peringsingan, they are worn during ceremonial occasions by people throughout Bali.

Circa: 20th century

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 69" x 9"

Inventory number: TX4610



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