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Meditative Embroidered Panel

This meditative embroidery from northern India is double sided. It is comprised of multicolored silks applied to a cotton base with exquisite satin counted stitch handwork.

The colors are separated in a checker design with the cotton base being the accent color. In the center, there is a diamond shape in light brown with yellow, green, and orange diamond shaped borders. Beyond this, there is a three inch border that has yellow, grey, orange and green embroidery in slanted lines. This border is outlined in blue and the inner corners are squares that contain grey and light brown silks. The borders continues to the edge of the piece where you see four elongated diamonds in yellow and blue that mirror each other making the entire piece symmetrical.

Circa: 18th-19th Century

Origin: India

Material: Multi-colored silk embroidered on cotton

Condition: Good, stains consistent with age

Dimensions: 25.5" x 25.5"

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