Fragment of a Brocade Sash

This colorful brocade sash fragment is from the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722) in Iran. During this time period, Iranian culture and textiles reached new heights as roads and bridges were constructed to increase trade and commerce, and royal workshops for textiles were established. The textile business became a large part of the economy as Persian textiles were exported to Europe, India and other destinations. This fragment dates to the 17th century. Later on similar sashes but with lesser quality weave were produced in Poland for the Persian market.

In the sixteenth century, these textiles displayed more human figures and landscapes, while seventeenth-century textiles were depictions of blossoming plants and gardens. These motifs were later replaced with a grand design of stripes and stars yet still containing a plethora of botanical motifs like in this fragment.

Sashes like this  would be worn by someone of a higher status, either around their waist or as a turban.


Circa: 17th Century

Origin: Iran

Material: Silk Brocade

Condition: Fragmentary, with holes and threadbare areas. Backed and stabilized. Fair Condition

Dimensions: 54" x 12"

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