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Maldivian Woven Grass Mat

Weaving Kunaa mats was a traditional practice by women in Gaaf Dhaal, the Maldives. Starting as humble household mats used for sitting, praying and sleeping, they eventually evolved into larger mats with intricate, Islamic inspired patterning  using local grass which, once dried, is dyed with earth toned, natural dyes.
Maldivian mats eventually became a status symbol in coastal South Asia and its neighboring islands. The best ones were gifted to emissaries and rulers the world over. This mat, missing one narrow border at each end, is in a very good condition and of a European provenance. It is spectacularly and intricately patterned and has never been used.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Maldives

Material: Grass

Condition: Missing one narrow border at both ends, Very Good

Dimensions: 135" x 38.5"

Inventory number: TX4991



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