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Fante Asafo Flag

This Fante Asafo flag was made in Ghana in the second quarter of the 20th century out of silk applique.

The Asafo people of coastal Ghana have local military companies called fante which are politically and socially active. They have flags which are decorated with appliqued figurative images, identical on both sides. Their motifs serve to identify each Asafo company by giving visual form to the creed by which it wishes to be known.

The British Union Jack identifies either a fante flag made pre-independence or flags made for commercial purposes. Fante flags that include the Ghanaian flag were made post independence but in most cases were not made to be sold.

Circa: 2nd quarter of the 20th century

Origin: Ghana

Material: Silk applique

Condition: Minor repairs, very good

Dimensions: 38" x 54"

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