Ere Ibeji Figure

The Yoruba people in Nigeria have the highest rate of twins in the world. Out of 1000 births there are 50 sets of twins, but due to their low weight and high infant mortality rates, some don’t live past the first few days. When a twin passes, a carver creates an Ere Ibeji figure and it is believed to have the spirit of the deceased baby. The parents treat this figure as if it is a living child- they feed, wash, hold, and clothe it. It further occupies an important part of the domestic altar. The carver can be a non professional member of the family or a commissioned professional carver.

This figure is carved out of wood, and its hair, shirt, and shoes are painted. It is decorated with small necklaces and what looks like neck rings are carved into the wood. It is distinctively dressed in a colonial style blue top.


Origin: Nigeria

Material: Wood, Paint, and Glass Beads

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 13"x4"

Inventory number: DL1063



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