Embroidered Vest

Semi-official vest of a Chinese woman. If a wedding couple were of sufficiently high rank, the bride wore a vest, or hsia-pei, over her wedding robe. This sleeveless vest was decorated with imperial imagery. After weddings this vest would be worn on formal occasions. Calf-length sleeveless garment with the center front opening; tapered shoulders; fastened with silk ties; slit sides; shaped hem with polychrome silk macrame and tassels. This example is decorated with a celestial landscape featuring two side facing dragons on the front and one large, front-facing dragon on the back. They are surrounded by clouds, auspicious symbols, bats and birds; all executed either in silk in satin stitch and French knot or with couched metallic thread. Very fine quality handwork. Edged with blue brocade and lined with blue silk.

Circa: 19th c.

Origin: China

Material: Silk and metallic thread embroidery on silk

Condition: Minor wear to silk brocade edging, very good

Dimensions: 46" x 33"

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