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Embroidered Turkish Anteri

Anteri is a Turkish woman’s traditional robe. It was only one layer of what a woman needed to wear even while performing manual tasks like working in the fields.   A long robe with front opening that doesn’t close all the way and therefore worn on top of a blouse and pants and fastened into place with a wide sash. Anteris worn on festive occasions feature sleeves that are  slit and overly long so when the hands are clasped together the sleeve ends hang down. Most often anteris have telltale scalloped edges, although not in this case.

This anteri is of high quality and can be dated with certainty to the end of the 18th century. It is made of striped silk brocade which is supplemented with polychrome silk embroidery featuring meandering vines in full bloom.It is lined with fine cotton and bordered with crochet silk edging.

Circa: 18th C.

Origin: Turkey

Material: Silk

Condition: A few faint stains, the largest on the left sleeve, excellent condition.

Dimensions: 53" X 68" sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff

Inventory number: WR3931



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