Embroidered Quatrefoil Yoke

Chinese quatrefoil shaped dragon robe ornamental yoke. The dense patterns at the quatrefoil yoke and across the tops of sleeves focused attention on the head, creating a horizontal frame from which the rest of the voluminous coat flowed. Imperial iconography includes dragons within a cosmic landscape indicated by waves and clouds. The Jifu (semi-formal court robe which may have designs such as this around the neckline and shoulders) also functioned as a schematic diagram of the universe. Embroidered silk satin with silk and metallic threads, with edging made of same fabric and thin cording all around. There is an opening to allow the wearer to place it over their head diagonally across the front right side. The neck hole has a another piece of embroidered silk attached.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: China

Material: Silk and metallic thread embroidery on silk gauze

Condition: Slight unravelling of metallic thread, otherwise very good

Dimensions: 47" x 38"

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