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Embroidered Parsi Blouse

This embroidered Parsi blouse was made in Gujarat, India, in the 19th century out of silk. The embroidery on this blouse shows some of the distinctive characteristics of needle arts from the urban center of Surat on the western coast of India. Surat was a colony of Chinese artisans in India who started producing garments for another immigrant colony, the Parsis, who immigrated to India from Iran to escape persecution.

The design of this top, as well as the handwork, are unmistakably Chinese, yet the garments are Indian wear like saris, skullcaps and blouses. This blouse, or jubla, wears its age beautifully with only two minor stains and light even fading. The decoration is symmetrical and all floral. The polychrome embroidery is done in satin stitching which resembles the work on Canton shawls made for export.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Gujarat, India

Material: Silk embroidered silk.

Condition: Two minor stains, very good

Dimensions: 21.5" x 21"

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