Embroidered Pants

These embroidered pants were made in Sumatra, possibly Palembang, in the 19th century. They are made out of golden yellow silk satin that has a subtle floral pattern. The maker added gold metallic embroidery in bands of floral and foliate decoration around the base of the legs. These metallic thread areas are outlined with a thick red thread. Both pant legs are finished with a piece of metallic woven braid at the hem, which is silver in tone either as intended or because the gold was removed over time. There is an almost identical pair of pants in The Zaira and Marcel Mis Collection, as seen in Asian Costumes and Textiles, on page 174.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Indonesia

Material: Silk, cotton, metallic thread and strips

Condition: Good, some slight gentle staining.

Dimensions: 40" x 19"

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