Embroidered FanEmbroidered FanEmbroidered FanEmbroidered Fan

Embroidered Fan

This embroidered fan has two peacocks that mirror each other embroidered in metallic thread over cardboard. The birds are mainly comprised of gold embroidery with black velvet to indicate feather detail. In the center, there is a floral design that is made from gold embroidery with black and brown velvet. The ground of this fan is brown velvet with gold stitch embroidery that forms a border. The backing of this piece is brown cotton with flowers throughout.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: India

Material: Cotton, velvet and cardboard couched metallic thread

Condition: Fair

Dimensions: 22.75"x 19"

Inventory number: TX4714


This embroidered fan has two large birds embroidered in metallic thread over cardboard that mirror each other. The embroidery is on a velvet ground.


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