Embroidered Chasuble Panel

Not much is documented about early Peruvian embroidery.For Peruvian colonial tapestry there is more reference material. This chasuble ,embroidered with satin stitched polychrome silk outlined with braided metallic thread, was deaccessioned by the Metropolitan Museum and as such was tagged as 18th century Peruvian. Judging by the ornamentation style and coloring we see no reason to doubt that. See related tapestries in the book ” The Colonial Andes Tapestries and Silverwork 1530 – 1830″. Pages 215,266, 328-329.Lined with blue silk damask and edged with metallic silver ribbon.

Circa: 18th century

Origin: Peru

Material: Silk, metallic thread, metallic ribbon, paper based foundation,

Condition: Back part of chasuble,Front missing, excellent

Dimensions: 38" x 23"

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