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Double-Sided Boro/ Ikat

Boro, translated to “tattered clothing” or “rags” is a Japanese textile made of patches of recycled fabrics. The Japanese folk art movement highly valued pieces like this because they embodied yō no bi which means “beauty in practicality.” These patchwork textiles were made into futonji (futon covers), noragi (workwear), and other household pieces.

This boro is special due to its double-sided design. The front is a typical indigo boro with various cotton patches, while the back is filled with double-ikat patches. The geometric yet organic pattern is created with beige and brown strategically dyed threads. Between both sides is a cotton padding which is secured with thick cotton stitches. It has five fabric loops at the top for easy display.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Japan

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 78.5" L x 48.5"W

Inventory number: TX5084



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