Double Apron with dragon embroidery

Semi-official paired apron of a Chinese woman. Comprised of two parts. Each part with two rectangular end panels and twelve gores attached to a cotton waist band. All rectangular panels and gores are decorated with imperial imagery. Large panels with front facing dragons; gores with alternating phoenixes and side facing dragons; all above waves and celestial landscape and among clouds and Buddhist symbols.All sections are bordered with wide blue edgings containing rondels of phoenixes alternating withflowers. The panels are of different color silk. The embroidery done with polychrome silk in satin stitch and couched metallic thread.Lined with red silk.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: China

Material: Silk with silk and metallic thread embroidery

Condition: Perfect

Dimensions: 38" x 82"

Inventory number: WR3652



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