Yemeni Jewish Bride Necklace

It is believed that the more silver Yemeni brides wore on their wedding day, the more successful their marriage will be. They were traditionally dressed in elaborate head pieces, multiple rows of necklaces, and at least one ring on each finger. All of this adornment could weigh a few pounds, and it is common for coral or amber to be mixed in with the silver jewelry.

This necklace is of traditional Jewish Bridal design with exceptional work. Five strands of coral and silver beads are interspersed by two types of delicate filigreed silver, with hollowed and embossed triangles at the back. The center front is a rectangle completely covered with filigree work and seven pendents are inserted at front, two of which are queen Victoria silver coins which were used as trading currency while the rest are round beads and leaf shaped beads, covered with filigree work likewise.connected with hollow filigree silver triangles and a rectangle.


Circa: Late 19th-Early 20th Century

Origin: Yemen

Material: Silver and Coral

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 21" length

Inventory number: JL3828



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