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Chinese Civilian Rank Badge (Crane)

This Chinese civilian rank badge was made in the 19th century. It is made out of silk and metallic thread.

Rank badges were worn on surcoats to identify an individual’s governmental standing. The badges were made in two halves so they could be placed on either side of a font-opening coat. Wives and children wore the rank badge of their father or husband. Different animals represented different ranks, and the way the animal was position often indicates if the badge was made for a man or woman.

This badge would have been worn by a civilian official of the first rank. This left facing crane is perched on rocks within a celestial landscape of waters and skies with cloud bands enclosing auspicious symbols and a solar disk. The badge is all worked with two toned metallic threads. The crane is venerated as a symbol of longevity and wisdom associated with advanced age. It is identified by its long and smooth neck, red capped head, scale like feather design on its body and tail feathers that are short and separated from each other.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: China

Material: Metallic threads couched on a silk ground.

Condition: Some unravelling to the metallic threads around the peripheries, good

Dimensions: 11" x 12"

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