Chinese Bat Jacket

  Wide sleeved silk robe with front opening. Worn by a woman for semi-formal or informal occasions along with an embroidered skirt, pants, or leggings.

It was fashionable in the last half of the 19th century for wealthy women to have these sorts of robes cut as large as possible, showing off how much silk their family was able to afford for a single garment. These robes or jackets were often embroidered with florals and scenes from every day life.

The use of bats is for good luck and fortune. The eight roundels are filled with various flowers and bats, and the bottom hem depicts water and mountains with additional flowers. The sleeve bands are a bright yellow gold with similar designs with the addition of vases. The entire garment uses both forbidden and satin stitches.


Circa: Late 19th c

Origin: China

Material: Silk and Metallic Thread

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 50" sleeve to sleeve, 44" tall

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