Chefchaouen Arid (Wall Hanging)

Chefchaouen embroideries are the rarest, most sought after of Moroccan urban embroideries. Chefchaouen is a small town in northern Morocco that was established in the early 16th century. Like Tetouan and Fez, it took in many Andalusian refugees, both Muslim and Jewish, and therefore, its embroideries were greatly influenced by 15th century Hispano-Moresque textiles in both technique and design.

Chefchaouen embroideries are typically in Arid form but are used for other functions as well, like bedding frontals and furniture covers during festivities and ceremonial occasions. The design is organized into two long embroidered areas along the shorter edges and contains squares, medallions, cartouches and other geometrics  Within these shapes, there are further geometrics as well as abstracted floral elements.

Easy to differentiate from other Moroccan urban embroidery because of their unique design, Chefchaouen embroideries use thick uncoiled silk floss and the work is executed in loope plaited stitch. Both thread and technique contribute to a lush and sumptuous look.

Circa: second half 19th century

Origin: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Material: Silk Embroidery on Linen

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 88"x30"

Inventory number: TX5166



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