Chechaouen Embroidered Panel (arid)

Chechaouen is a small urban center in northern Morocco that took in a large number of Muslim and Jewish refugees from Spain in the 15th century. Their influence is evident in their embroideries both stylistically and technically.The embroideries are incorporated into large wall hangings as long and narrow shapes filled with cartouches, crosses, stars, chevrons, checks and medallions, as well as abstract floral and plant elements. The overall design radiates from a central star which is embroidered on older pieces, appliqued in later examples or replaced with a small embroidered checkerboard as in this piece. Various stitching techniques are used such as cross stitch, looped double running stitch and plait stitch and different thickness silk yarns are used to create contrasting textures. Hangings such as this one could be used as bedspreads, chest covers or wall hangings for special occasions.

Circa: Late 19th century

Origin: Morocco

Material: silk embroidery on cotton

Condition: Some minor stains

Dimensions: 78" x 30"

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