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Ceremonial Loincloth End Panel (Pair)

This pair of embroidered end panels were once a part of a loincloth from the Mara Chin people of Burma. Loincloths were the traditional form of dress for men in several Burmese groups, and this would often be the only thing they wore. Most days, they would wear very plain, small pieces of cloth (dua kalapa). For special occasions, they would wear longer pieces that would wrap around their bodies several times with very decorative ends (dua ah) like this one.

The ground of the piece is made of cotton and dyed with indigo several times to become dark blue. They are decorated in a linear scheme with a row of geometrical shapes that are embroidered in polychrome silk. The counted stitchwork is so tiny and precise that it almost looks like a weave.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Burma

Material: Cotton with Silk Embroidery

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 29" x 16"

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