Bukhara Suzani

Starting at the 18th century and all the way to the beginning of the 20th century  suzanis were the most widespread  household textiles in central Asia. They were mostly made by females of one household preparing a dowery cloth for a bride to be. Each female would work on one long panel on a drawn design. Once completed the panels would be stitched together lengthwise to form a large cloth to be used around the house as a bedspread, wallhanging or other utilitarian purposes. As each embroiderer pulled differently on the stitches and used different dyes, the registry was off and colors didn’t quite match, thus contributing to a certain vibrancy that is very appealing.

Suzani versions from the Bukhara region tend to be bold and rustic in design. This suzani depicts a field  with two flowering branches next to each other. The field is surrounded by wide borders containing large round flowers.

Silk embroidery on cotton ground. The handiwork is executed in couching and chain stitch variants.

Circa: Circa 1850

Origin: Central Asia

Material: Silk on Cotton

Condition: Minor erosion to the ground. Very good antique condition

Dimensions: 66" X 96"

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