Black Naga Spear

While the spear was one of the traditional weapons of the Naga people, decorated spears such as this were used for only ceremonial purposes. During hunting dances, men would perform with spears and other weapons to ward off evil spirits.

This spear is carved from a lightweight but strong wood, and the bottom is typically pointed since it wasn’t made to be put down. Dyed hair – goat, horse, wild boar or sometimes human – decorates most of the shaft, secured with rope made of plant fiber. The dying process was sacred with many rules and superstitions, and the colors came from local plants. The tip of this spear is made of brass.

Circa: 20th Century

Origin: India

Material: Wood, hair, plant fiber, and brass

Condition: Very Good, Mounted on a stand

Dimensions: 70"

Inventory number: DL1077



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