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Beaded Tunic

Beaded tunic from Cameroon that is difficult to attribute exactly.The form is the classic shape of a man’s prestige tunic worn for festive gatherings, feast days and rituals by tribes in the Cameroon Grasslands, such as the Bamileke and Bamun.The beading technique and diamond design are associated with the beaded aprons (cache-sex) worn by Kirdi women of the Northern Highlands of Cameroon. This makes for an interesting mix influences both in form and structure.Our assumption is that it is a product of trade, marriage, travel or migration.The type of tubular beads used date it to early to mid 20th century.We cannot find another similar example. The design is built up from rows of red and blue diamond shapes enlivened by bright rows of white and yellow, creating a vibrant and pleasing whole.

Circa: First half 20th Century

Origin: Cameroon

Material: Glass bugle beads, cotton, cowrie shells, Cotton Thread, Cowrie Shells

Condition: Minor bead loss, very good condition

Dimensions: 27" wide, 31" high, 33" with fringe

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