Bandhani Silk Aba

Tie dyeing, or bandhani, techniques developed in Sindh and travelled east to Kutch and Gujarat. Bandhani is a style of patterning cloth by tying or knotting specific areas to protect them from the dye. The prepared cloth is steamed and pressed over a board of nails delineating the pattern. A knotter then wraps strings around the nail tops. Next the fabric gets dyed. The final stage involves taking off the strings to reveal the design. A single cloth may get applications of a few colors.This aba, which is a loose fitting tunic, features very minute tie dyeing imposed onto larger pattern featuring borders and medallions. The garment is weighed down with metallic gold ribbons.The neck opening, intricately embroidered with gold zari, further contributes to the sumptuous look.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Gujarat, India

Material: Silk with metallic thread ribbon

Condition: One small repair, excellent

Dimensions: 46" x 46"

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