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Varanasi gold brocade Saree

Varanasi, the old, sacred burial city called Benares nowadays is known as the source for the highest quality metallic threads and silk brocades, or zari. These sumptuous brocades were traditionally woven on  drawlooms by teams of skilled workers. The technique is believed to come from the west coast of India and prior to that imported from Europe by the Portuguese. Varanasi sarees are a very important part of Indian culture, and a wealthy bride’s trousseau is incomplete without one.

This saree  features a design of dense rosette pattern.The center field is less dense with the rosettes against a red ground. Multi continuous and discontinuous supplementary wefts of silk and metallic threads contibute to a wonderful contrast between the front and the back.


Circa: First quarter 20th Century

Origin: India

Material: Silk and Metallic Thread

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 44.5" x 228"

Inventory number: TX4969



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