Amber Necklace

Amber is a tens of millions of years old hard fossil resin that gets mined and that can get highly polished. It gets mined in a few regions such as East Africa, Burma and the Baltic sea.  Amber is not only coveted by most cultures for its beautiful appearance, but also because it is a symbol of status and wealth.  Amber is also believed to have magical and healing properties in some cultures. Red and yellow amber is protection against evil spirits, and since some amber is harvested from the ocean, it is associated with fertility and life.

While harvested in east Africa, like most trade beads, the amber beads of this stunning necklace ended up far across the continent in Morocco.The necklace is comprised of 58 beautiful and varied amber beads. It weighs 9.84 ounces (279 grams). Largest bead is 1.5 ” (37mm). The length when closed is approximately 10″ (30cm) .


Circa: 19th century

Origin: Africa

Material: Amber

Condition: Very good

Dimensions: 10" long

Inventory number: JL3654



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