Algerian Scarf (Tanshifa)

What is nowadays Algeria was part of the Ottoman Empire for centuries. As such, urban Algerian embroideries are influenced by ottoman style. Delicate floral embroidery similar to Turkish pattern was worked on finely woven linen or cotton and used for curtains,head covers, bath towels, scarves and sashes. Done by professional embroideresses, highly recognizable Algerian work is outlined in black silk, enclosing areas decorated mainly in a form of brick stitch and some satin stitch in mostly red , blue and purple.

This embroidered panel was most likely used as a shawl and it is in complete form and in very good condition, due to the fact that it was backed onto a sturdy cotton probably in the 19th century.


Circa: 18th Century

Origin: Algeria

Material: Silk Embroidery on cotton

Condition: very good

Dimensions: 88"x16"

Inventory number: TX5067



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