Korean Pojagi Wrapping Cloth

Pojagi were used for wrapping gifts as well as for covering, storing and carrying objects. There was an unspoken Korean folk belief that by wrapping an object good fortune would be enclosed or captured within the wrapping of it. The Pojagi is characteristically a square shape with ties at each corner. Since this Pojagi is unlined it falls into the category called “hot po”.

This textile is worked with sections of fine woven linen which are lightly dyed with a subtle haze of color. The textile has an inspiring abstract design on a transparent patchwork overall pattern. Most interesting to note is that abstraction in Korean wrappings was in place long before western artists embraced abstract concepts in art.

The creative talents of Korean women is evident in the beauty of this textile. The artisans are unknown, unique and extremely inventive. This piece is a true testament to the Korean culture and its cross cultural dialogue.
An art form with designs that transcend time and place.

Circa: Early 20th century

Origin: Korea

Material: Fine Linen

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 31" x 31"

Inventory number: TX4725



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