18th c Azemmour Embroidery

Azemmour is the capital of the Doukkala, an ancient nomadic tribe. It is situated on the north Atlantic coast, close to Portugal. Following the expulsion of the Muslims and Jews from Spain in the 15th century a lot of refugees settled there, hence the Moorish stylistic imprints on the local art and culture. Azemmour textiles, while fulfilling the typical Moroccan functions, such as hangings for festive occasions, mattress sidings, cushions and curtains, display techniques and decorations quite unique. The design ,stenciled onto white cotton or linen, stands out in silhouette against a background that is entirely filled in, in mostly opulent red, resembling a colored negative. Here, pairs of peacocks with spread wings face each other with a flowering urn between them. Smaller birds and people in symmetrical arrangement in the field and floral borders complete the design, which is executed in counted stitches: plait, back, double running and straight.

Circa: 18th century

Origin: Morocco

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 28" X 11"

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